your devices are now your personal cloud


download mimik access and turn your devices into a personal cloud. mimik discovers and connects all your devices allowing you to access and share photos, videos, and music no matter where they’re stored. the best thing: it’s free! no need for internet or additional hardware and it’s available now. this is digital freedom.


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you are always in control

access and share your content directly and rapidly without using internet or uploading to a third party.  control who can access your content with a single tap on screen. share large batches of photos, videos, and music instantly and without losing quality.

save money

mimik brings your devices together to form a personal cloud. avoid expensive storage and cloud services by balancing storage space from all of your devices.

access anywhere

enjoy your photos, videos, and music with all other mimik users everywhere, even without an internet connection.

enjoy more together

discover, play, and share your family's and friends’ photos, videos, and music.

no more data leaks, awkward pictures online, expensive cloud services. take control of your digital world and taste the freedom you deserve.

how to share with confidence

mimik any digital content without uploading to third-party servers.

your content remains on your devices.


download the free app without needing to purchase additional hardware



connect with your devices and friends


access and share content from any device with confidence

how it works

mimik is a platform that turns your device into a personal-cloud micro server, enabling you to utilize the capabilities of all your devices to access, share, and control your media with more efficiency. It automatically discovers and connects all mimik-enabled devices and selects the most capable device as the ‘supernode’, giving you instant access to any content on any device at any time. mimik’s software runs on all major hardware platforms and supports all media types.

digital freedom is here


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