create your own personal cloud

install the app on all your devices and they will directly connect when on the same home Wi-Fi network. you can access all your content, no matter what device you carry.



share parts of your cloud with others

select photos, music and videos on your device to share with your friends on the same home Wi-Fi network. your friends can now browse and stream only those content that you have selected directly from the device without uploading to a third-party site or app.



mimik your world

simultaneously stream videos, photos and music directly from your phone to one or multiple people on the same home Wi-Fi network regardless of type of device – android or iOS.



connect your mobile device to your TV

directly stream videos, photos and music from your device to your smart TV screen, android box, or a mimik enabled set-top-box provided by your telco or cable operator.



unify your devices with mimik access


mimik access is a free app that unifies all your computing devices to easily access and share photos, music and videos. no longer worry about the type of phone, operating system or network. download the app on your devices, and let them directly communicate without any need for third party cloud services, or even internet when you are on the same home Wi-Fi network. keep control of your media and share with confidence in your own personal cloud. this is digital freedom